How do I schedule an appointment for someone to come inspect my roof and do I need to be present?

Call the office and give them your information. A Pinnacle Project Manager will call you shortly to set up a time for a roof inspection. You do not have to be present for this.

Who will inspect my damage?

A Pinnacle Project Manager will first inspect your roof for damage. If evidence is found, you will then contact your insurance company and schedule an appointment time for the adjuster to take a look at your roof with your project manager present to help with assessing the roof damage.

What’s a deductible?

A deductible is the portion of a loss covered that you are responsible for as stated in your policy. Everyone’s deductible is different depending on their policy. It is what is uncovered, that your insurance does not pay. This is typically paid to your contractor once the job has finished and repairs are completed to your satisfaction.

What if there is a difference in my insurance estimate and my contractor’s estimate?

Pinnacle Exteriors is here to work with you in order to ensure you get a new quality roof. We keep our prices in line with surrounding insurance companies. If there is a difference in the estimates it could be due to a few reasons such as uncovered items, outdated pricing or measurements. We will make sure all issues are resolved as well as making any adjustments we see necessary.

What time will they start my roof repair?

Our Team will start anywhere between 7-8am, depending on dew.

How long will it take to put on my new roof?

The average roof should take roughly two days. Considering weather permitting, it may take longer.

Will I have access to my garage?

It depends on the house. We will make sure arrangements are prior so that you have access to your garage. We do set up a dump trailer for droppings from the roof by the garage, in this case we will inform you ahead of time to move your vehicle so that way you can get out of the garage.

What happens if it rains while they’re putting on my new roof?

Our team is trained and prepared for any rain that may come through. We don’t tear anything off that we can’t put back in enough time in case of rain. Our felt base is a synthetic felt that won’t hold any moisture and this is what we lay down to ensure your home is safe from the rain.

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